Welcome to ROFLfaucet!

btc.ms/clickforafrica – internet for remote communities, just from your clicks!
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Nice, easy faucet. +free lottery. No withdraw threshold.


The faucet is temporarily disabled due to low-life botters. I’m leaving the claim links intact so the scumbags can waste processor cycles trying to bot a disabled faucet.
We’re paying 10 satoshi at the moment.
Follow this link, close ad windows, click ‘skip the ad’ (top right), then claim

16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. go to http://rainpool.io/r/136 and sign up. Ask in the chat say can I get my rofl bonus? One of the mods will contact you and tell you what to do. You’ll get your 200 and can withdraw if you like. If you stay, there is a dauly 200 bonus after you reach level2 (which is easy)

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